Silent Echoes Project

Silent Echoes is a series of photographs and photo collages on the theme of women’s lives. I have always thought women can do anything, but they are responsible for so many things, great and small, that often affect their lives in ways they can’t control. Looking back, they see paths they might have taken had circumstances been different, and are sometimes haunted by questions of what might have been.

Through most of history the struggles and contributions of women have gone unrecorded, yet have required so much courage and effort, so much sacrifice, much of it silent. I thought about this I cared for my elderly father, and as I remember my grandmother, a farm girl from rural Arkansas (born in 1882 “near Turner’s Post Office”), who married young and lost her husband at age 36. She bore 6 children, 4 of whom made it to adulthood and old age. There were many things that were not spoken of, yet lived in her. In creating these images, my immediate family and ancestors come into my mind, (their births, the journeys of their lives that led to me being born in New York City and reflecting back on them). I see their triumphs and struggles, and in my work seek to honor them.

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Photographs from the Project Silent Echoes

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