Am so happy to have a piece up at the Green Door Gallery in Williamsburg. It’s a work on paper called Sister Mommies, part of my ongoing series to honor women who came before. Women have always been strong, and they have always worked even if that work was not official or honored or even acknowledged. I think about them and am haunted by them, how lives just slip away. With so much of our world in peril, I think about all the other things that are fragile like books and art.

Sister Mommies by Catherine Kirkpatrick

Sister Mommies

These pieces are made out of images printed on very thin rice paper which is thenĀ  shaped and joined. Some earlier landscape pieces are six and seven feet long.

The backing in the finished piece is a little darker and a little more of a brown gray than a true gray, but I was working on the fly and the frame was a 1/2 inch bigger than the preferred gray paper. Oh well, we do what we can. As Tim Gunn says, “make it work.”