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Painted_Vase_Rinds_Yellow_DrapeWider_77Back in the studio futzing. Every time I go, I take between 100 to 300 images, each slightly different. A little to the left, a little to the right, a tad closer, a little further back, adjusting so that one comes out right.  Painted_Vase_Rinds_Yellow_DrapeWider_81I tell myself to go faster, to change it up sooner instead of harping on one setup sixty different ways for sixty different minutes, but it doesn’t work.Painted_Vase_Rinds_Yellow_DrapeWider_95I go right back to doing a multitude of variations, learning as I process what works and what doesn’t. (Sometimes it’s hard to tell).Painted_Vase_Rinds_Yellow_Drape_110

And sometimes it’s hard to choose.Painted_Vase_Rinds_Yellow_Drape_105

Which makes me nervous when I send work off to the printer. Did I pick the absolute right one? Is it worth spending x dollars on this image? I want to get it right.Painted_Vase_Rinds_Yellow_Drape_101Which is why the next time I go back to the studio, it’s 100 to 300 shots, a little to the left, a little to the right…

– Catherine Kirkpatrick