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Luis Carlos Montalvàn and Tuesday ©Leslie Granda-Hill

Luis Carlos Montalvàn and Tuesday ©Leslie Granda-Hill

I recently had the honor of speaking with Leslie Granda-Hill about her work with the Wounded Warrior Project. Leslie is an incredibly talented photographer with a really big heart. In a world full of users and paparazzi looking for a “gotcha” shots and a buck, Leslie actually cares about the people she photographs. You can feel this in the work. She has a show called Familia Oaxaca opening tonight at Umbrella Arts in Manhattan, and I hope you will stop by. The work and Leslie Granda-Hill are worth it.

If you want to learn about her work with wounded veterans, please take a look at the PWP blog article: Body & Soul: Leslie Granda-Hill Photographs Veterans of Recent Wars.

– Catherine Kirkpatrick