Purgatory & Paradise Sassy '70s Suburbia & the City by Meryl Meisler

Purgatory & Paradise Sassy ’70s Suburbia & the City by Meryl Meisler

Meryl Meisler’s new book is out and it’s great! It was an honor to write the introduction and also to be quoted by the New Yorker! Incredibly, this is a repeat: A Tale of Two Cities: Disco Era Bushwick was featured, the intro quoted by the same publication last year. It doesn’t get too much better.

Meryl Meisler is a dear friend and great creative enabler. She has a unique talent for identifying what people do well and providing opportunities for them to strut their stuff. Her book launches have featured poets, writers, drag stars, visual artists, and The Naked Man, who really, truly goes around naked. Known as the “Legendary Bushwick Photographer,” she has attained celebrity status in Brooklyn. She is the best, as all of her many friends will agree.

Just about everyone in Bushwick is still recovering from Open Studios. Yes, it was back in June, but it was an incredibly busy time. For me, there was writing and editing for Meryl’s book, articles for AiB, and of course, prep for Open Studios itself. In our (very unique) building, one person swept up a quart of dust from the hall. Saw it with my own eyes. There wasn’t quite that much inside our studio, but there were some whirly jigs floating around. We had some very interesting visitors. Heard Chris Rock was over on Bogart Street.

When it was over, I went fishing for a while, but am getting back into gear. More soon.