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AIB 2015 Benefit Exhibition

AIB 2015 Benefit Exhibition

I don’t love everybody. Most people think I’m pretty mild, but there have been some epic fights in the past. They will not be mentioned here. But there are a some things and people I’m enthusiastic about.

A year ago, by accident, I wound up sharing a studio in Bushwick. Okay, technically “East Williamsburg,” but still part of the official map of Bushwick Open Studios, the arts festival that takes place at the end of May, or early June (when L Train shutdowns wreak havoc in our lives). It’s overseen by the nonprofit Arts in Bushwick organization. I got introduced to their blog team by my friend, Meryl Meisler, a celebrity because of the epic photographs she took here in the 1980’s, before artists arrived and the gentrification process began. If she puts in a good word for you, it really helps.

I wrote an article about her first book (a second is on the way), stayed on in the studio, and am now in the 2015 AIB Benefit Exhibition called Making History. You can view the show online or at the Storefront Ten Eyck Gallery this Friday or Saturday from 1:00 – 6:00, or Sunday till 4:00, when the benefit auction begins.

I was delighted and honored to be asked to write an article about the show (“Chasing History“) by one of the organizers, Cibele Vieira, who is also a terrific photographer. Big shout out also to writers/editors Willow Goldstein and Veronica Dakota. I’m not a “people person,” or an organization girl, but these folks really rock. They have drive, get stuff done, but are also open and cool. They bring an artist’s sensibility and understanding to everything they do, and are a joy to work with.

The show is really about a living art history moment, a special community that reaches out to its own and gives back in many ways.

Am I getting mellow? Not really. Just telling it like it is which happens once in a while. Hie thee to Bushwick!