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Photographer Dianora Niccolini

Photographer Dianora Niccolini

I am very honored to be featured on the blog of the Columbia Center for Oral History Research. I’ve attended their talks and presentations off and on for several years, and  always leave inspired. The projects are widely varied, concern populations all over the world, and are always conducted by people passionate about what they do. There is always a tremendous amount of respect–in the room and in the field. If you think academics are dull and dry, you would be wrong. These people are smart and funny. One time there was a lecture about documenting the miners of Harlan County, Kentucky, a study conducted by an Italian. He had gone to the area, gotten an introduction to a local, and was welcomed because he didn’t make a fuss over the mess in her house. At the end of the presentation someone played a banjo. I say no more.

For the past few years, I’ve been blogging about the experiences of women in photography. It started with a trip to the PWP archives, but my curiosity grew beyond the organization, to include the sweeping changes in the field over the past forty years, technological and artistic. I hope to continue this, recording the memories of people who have experienced this change, and to learn more about the many causes of disruption. I am always interested in photo stories, so if you have any you want to share, please let me know.