Fish_Plate_34Something fishy has been going on. For those of you who don’t live in Brooklyn or have been visiting another planet, the art hub 3rd Ward closed On October 9th, 2013. The founder/owner who I won’t mention here, was accused of financial mismanagement. Poor? Don’t think so. He had 2 houses in Montauk (one for living, one to rent for MONEY which looms large in this story). Previously he told people living in a space he owned that it was up to code, then moved out himself before it was shut down by city inspectors. Knowing 3rd Ward was doomed, he continued to take money up to the (very) bitter end. One older man is said to have paid several thousand dollars for work space just before it closed. Jason Goodman (oops!), a.k.a. “The Head,” really shouldn’t have sold so many people out. Bad karma.

Now for some good. Robin Grearson, a wonderful writer, friend and enabler to many creatives, organized a meeting of artists and arts orgs last Wednesday at the Brooklyn Brewery. It was well attended, and as she writes on her website, a community was born. Check it out to see who came to offer space, classes and advice, and for some ideas on the future of the maker community. And scroll down a bit on this blog to see some pictures of the beautiful studios at 3rd Ward. It was a special place. May its spirit live on, the creative dreams of its members never die.

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