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Satan_Reposing_CU_23My name is Satan and as you can tell, I’m wonderful. I live with Gloria in New York. Some people think I’m the devil, but there is goodness in me, even if I get up to mischief sometimes. Actually I get up to mischief a lot.

Satan_Sit_Hall_34One of my favorite things is to run out in the hall. I always imagine the outside world to be big and filled with adventure, but it’s actually small and gray and dull. I don’t know why people make such a fuss. Maybe if I could get inside the elevator it would be different… I’m going to work up a plan.Satan_Walk_Wall_30





Satan_Sit_Lying_26This is where I take my rest. I find it very comfortable, almost like floating. Delightful! Here is another picture of me resting. It’s delightful too. Really everything about me is.Satan_29




Gloria thinks she runs the house, but really her role is to do things for me. My sole purpose is to grace the establishment with my personality and charm. Here’s another picture of me.Satan_CU_Side_25

Gloria has nice friends, including Danny, Arthur, Ron, Sissy and Catherine. I let her take pictures of me.

I love Gloria and she loves me, though sometimes she screams at people. I’m still going to try and get out into the hall.

It’s what I do.