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(This article was first published on the Professional Women Photographers’ website)

Flo Fox at PWP ©C Kirkpatrick

Flo Fox at PWP ©C Kirkpatrick

Last night a photo queen graced PWP with her presence. Dressed in red velvet with flowing blue hair, Flo Fox, with her images, wit, and wisdom held the room at St. Paul the Apostle Church spellbound.

Fox began taking pictures in 1972, right after she “split from her ex.” With money from her first paycheck as a costume designer, she bought an SLR and never looked back. She had been promised one earlier by her mother, “when you graduate ninth grade.” But her mother died before this could happen. For any other person, this might have been a dream stopper, but Flo Fox is no ordinary mortal. But more on that later.

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